Raku Products - African Style!

The process is derived from and ancient Japanese technique of pottery. The artistic influence comes from the art of the Ndebeli people of South Africa who are well known for the beautiful bright geometric designs they paint on their homes. Bright bold colors and designs have always been a major influence in traditional African art. Thus an ancient process has been combined with traditional African art and the abundance of nature in South Africa to produce a unique range of whimsical and collectible pieces of art.

The studio is staffed by local people who have all been taught their craft during in-house training programs. These skills have all been combined with a natural artisitc talent. More than just a business, this studio has become an upliftment and job creation project where people have learned valuable life-skills.

Our Crazy Clay raku-fired African Savanna stoneware bird, fish  and animal figurines would compliment any decorating theme. In the nature of its technique, the glaze on each raku fired piece is unique and can never be repeated.

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